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Not only has Italy given the world neapolitan pizza and the realist painting of Caravaggio, but the advent of the discotheque allowed Italian hipster Giorgio Moroder to share the voice of Donna Summer with the musical universe.

The subtle tape drag effect that opens "Dim All The Lights" is the best introduction of a pop song in the history of recorded music and Summer's sixteen second vocal segue is wonderful. Moroder perfectly mixed Paul Jackson Jr.'s flanged guitar tone underneath creating the biggest opening hook captured on tape in 1979. Paul Jackson Jr explains to that "it was a Les Paul, a Rivera modified Fender Deluxe amp, and an ADA flanger" that he used to created the timbre for the guitar part that he composed himself, adding that "Donna was there, which made it more fun. There was a really good chord chart, and I made up the guitar part based on the song."

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